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Next week is my last week at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

That’s right. After nearly seven years, I am moving on from the museum, moving on from the Labs, and moving on to the unknown. It was a difficult choice, which I made over the holidays, and which has mostly to do with reasons that are largely personal. But simply put, it’s time for a change. There are so many wonderful things on the horizon in…

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Calendars for everyone

Day 14,936 I’ve been thinking a lot today about calendars and calendar systems. This is who I am. I loved this piece by Jason Fried on the way calendar systems are typically designed to allow anyone out there to manage your time. Jason thinks this is insane, and he’s right, but what’s the alternative? I set up my coffee calendar using a system that literally…

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Meditations on a park bench

Day 14,934 I should probably redo that math. Have been just incrementing up since the first one. We all know how that can go. Honestly, an exceptional, easy weekend. Fiancé, friends, food… fun! Now I’m kicking off the week thinking about “all the things.” Nice piece on meditation by Doretta Lau. You should follow her. I’ve still not cracked the meditation nut yet. Well, whenever…

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