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It's late

Day 14,924

It’s late. Not too late, but I’m tired and I don’t want to write this. Too many thoughts, too many goddamn thoughts.

With practically every second, another news alert pops up. Something terrible, appalling, disgusting, or sad-it’s never good news. And I just think about it all. I just sit there and think about it. My focus tightens, my view narrows, and all I see is a tiny white spot off in the distance, before I pass out.

Today he started the process of kicking everyone out, closing us off from the rest of the world. I should move this site to Sweden where it might stand a chance.

Build bridges

Day 14,923

If we want, we can build some great things together. We can put our heads together, our time, and our thoughts, and build the Brooklyn Bridge. We can definitely do that.

We can connect two cities, we can open that pathways and start to be of everywhere.

If we want to, we can span the waterways, link ourselves to one another and close the divides. If we want to, we can travel anywhere, visit anyone, and welcome anyone.

This to me is obvious because everywhere I look I see it’s already happened. We’ve figured it out already. So why would we tear it all apart?

Don't build it

Day 14,922

Here’s an idea–don’t build it. In fact, dismantle what’s already there. Take it back down to the earth. Open up the flood gates. Turn the monitors off for a few.

Nothing good will come of this. Nothing ever has. We have tried this all before. It doesn’t work. Just don’t build it. Just don’t.

Don’t do it, reconsider, spend it on anything else. Between the cracks, between the borders, that’s where the good stuff is. Open up the doors and see what flows through, and try not to overthink it anymore.

All the books I read in 2016

Day 14,921

It’s gray out. Raining, even. So, here’s one of those lists of all the books I read in 2016. And, since I basically use Trello for organizing my entire brain, I thought I’d stick these in a public Trello board, complete with little quips on what I read and why.

I read about twenty books in 2016. There’s probably a few I left out. It’s about half my goal for 2017. I’m still working on book 1 for 2017, so I need to get reading!

Check out the board!

What are you reading?

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That rug really tied the room together

Day 14,920

Bowling begins tonight, so naturally, Lebowski comes to mind. Bowling isn’t exactly exercise, but it will do tonight. My doctor says I need to get some exercise and she is right. “Time to stand” is probably not going to do the trick. My quantified self isn’t going to actually get me in shape. For that you actually need to raise your heart rate for a long period of time–apply resistance and tear tiny fragments of muscle so they can grow back, stronger and fresh.

Or something like that. Nothing a few spins around the park can’t fix.

Bowling on the other hand is a good way to unwind.

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One week in

Day 14,919

It’s Sunday evening. I’ve just spent the last few hours at friends, watching football. There is absolutely no way I’m going to sit here and write a lengthy weekly, Sunday blog post.

But, now I have this #100words thing going. So, I have an out. I have the option to give you 100 words about whatever I want. I’m already up to 68.

The longer posts are coming, I promise, but not tonight. Tonight I’m tired and cranky, and it’s now time for me to settle in, watch some TV, and drift away.

Tomorrow is tomorrow.

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Women's rights are human rights

Day 14,918

Today was an important day. Another historic day. People all over the country, all over the world, got out in the streets and marched for Women. Marched for equality, rights, and everything else.

I wasn’t planning to go. I have been under the weather the last couple days, and I don’t _love_ crowds. But I rallied, and decided to go and support my soon to be wife.

It was really something to see in New York City. We never made it all the way to the High Castle. There were just too many people. But we marched, and I took all these photos.

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What did I miss?

Day 14,917

There’s a handy website called This is why I love the internet. There’s a slightly better calculator for this same equation at Jalu is apparently a coder in Switzerland. I don’t know Jalu, but his or her script was easy to find and useful.

Today is the fourteen-thousand, nine-hundred seventeenth day I’ve been alive. I feel barely alive today. I’ve had an awful cold since last night and so I’ve spent most of today, a day which has been marked in history, as a “new era”, in bed.

I’m not actively hiding. I’m actually just sick.

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My Obama story

In 2004, I spent some time working as a freelance photojournalist in Washington D.C. I covered Capitol Hill politics, the 911 hearings, and a little of the presidential race. Bush won.

One day, on my way across campus via the mini-underground subway system that connects the buildings, I bumped into then Senator, Barak Obama. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know too much about the guy at the time.

He and I got into one of the 4 person pods, and headed to the next stop. It was just me and him, riding in the little pod together. He asked me about my Nikon, and I told him I was switching to Canon.

The End.

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Some things are good

Not everything is good, obviously. But still, some things are. Inside the bubble, we’ve got a lot of good things. Like art museums, libraries, and even the zoo. The zoo is a good thing for us, maybe not the tenants.

Outside the bubble, yikes. We should focus on fixing that. Meanwhile, let’s focus on what’s good.

I spent most of my morning commute trying to read Kevin Kelly’s book The Inevitable. This is good. All is not lost. We just need to figure out how to remix it. So far, my favorite part is the bit about publishing. We should probably figure that out too.

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