Empty Halls

Day 15,140

Not really sure where I’m going with this yet. I had a fun conversation over coffee, through a webcam, with another museum/cultural/consultant type. Of course, I was out of coffee before the conversation started, and didn’t want to be rude and get up in the middle of it to refill my cup. It was an interesting discussion nevertheless. Our chat bounced around a bit, settling in on a few of the things I think we mutually agree “could be better.” This is how ideas are born.

I’ve been thinking a bit these past couple days about perspectives and scale. “Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.” It’s never that simple–there are some things I will just never be able to experience for myself. Is she gazing out the window, contemplating the life she has lived so far or is she just waiting for the next walk? Is the hall being empty a problem we need to solve, or is it what makes the place so comfortable?

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