Boat Tour

Day 15,138

I’m finding my way back through images and places I’ve been over the past six months. I’m trying not to think about it too hard, which is not easy for me.

This one, from my trip to Amsterdam, earlier in the year, for the 2+3D Photography conference at the Rijksmuseum. This one was a big surprise for me. The conference was great, intimate, focused. But, the boat tour. That’s when I realized that half the boat was filled with R.I.T. grads and faculty. We chatted about all the professors, all the early influencers, and I realized how profoundly impactful my college education was, despite my lack of success as a student. 🙂

Here are some names that came up:

  • Andrew Davidhazy – Still in my life via Facebook!
  • Willie Osterman
  • Roy Berns
  • Glenn Miller ( not that Glenn Miller )
  • Nitin Sampat
  • … and many others…



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