Calendars for everyone

Day 14,936

I’ve been thinking a lot today about calendars and calendar systems. This is who I am.

I loved this piece by Jason Fried on the way calendar systems are typically designed to allow anyone out there to manage your time. Jason thinks this is insane, and he’s right, but what’s the alternative?

I set up my coffee calendar using a system that literally lets anyone take your time from you. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of how Jason thinks the world should work. But maybe in this context…it’s good?

The thing is, we use calendars for multiple reasons. Managing our time is definitely one of them, managing other people’s time is as well, but we also use them for other things. We use them to visualize time, to get a sense of what’s ahead, to remind ourselves to do things, or to know what someone else is up to.

We use a single system, the calendar, to do all of these very different things. What could go wrong?

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