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Stare down the road

Day 14,955

I love the way these streets on the upper east side roll all the way down about as far as you can see. It happens in both directions, depending on where you stand. 
Stand in the right spot and you’ll see the water. Other spots you’ll see the tip of Manhattan. Standing in the middle of the road is not advised. At least be sure to have a friend spot you when the light changes in your favor. Step into the road, turn your head and gaze into the wonder that is the perfect grid of a city, made just for you.

Calendars for everyone

Day 14,936

I’ve been thinking a lot today about calendars and calendar systems. This is who I am.

I loved this piece by Jason Fried on the way calendar systems are typically designed to allow anyone out there to manage your time. Jason thinks this is insane, and he’s right, but what’s the alternative?

I set up my coffee calendar using a system that literally lets anyone take your time from you. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of how Jason thinks the world should work. But maybe in this context…it’s good?

The thing is, we use calendars for multiple reasons. Managing our time is definitely one of them, managing other people’s time is as well, but we also use them for other things. We use them to visualize time, to get a sense of what’s ahead, to remind ourselves to do things, or to know what someone else is up to.

We use a single system, the calendar, to do all of these very different things. What could go wrong?

Have a coffee with me

Day 14,935

I drink coffee. Pretty much every morning. I have at least one cup. It’s more recently turned into two cups following a very nice Yeti mug I received for Christmas. It holds two cups, so..

If you also drink coffee, and if you’d like to drink a coffee with me, let me know!

I usually grab my coffee somewhere in New York City. So if you want to meet up, sign up using the link below and we’ll pick a place. If you are far away, we can do a virtual coffee through the Internet. Either way, coffee!

Have a coffee with me!

Meditations on a park bench

Day 14,934

I should probably redo that math. Have been just incrementing up since the first one. We all know how that can go.

Honestly, an exceptional, easy weekend. FiancĂ©, friends, food… fun! Now I’m kicking off the week thinking about “all the things.”

Nice piece on meditation by Doretta Lau. You should follow her. I’ve still not cracked the meditation nut yet. Well, whenever I do it, I feel great, but I just can’t turn it into a habit. Working on that one.

You may see me sitting on a bench near Central Park with my headphones on, once it warms up.

Once it warms up!

Learning to fly

Day 14,933

Missed another couple days. Oh well.

I think someday I’d like to learn to fly. You know, like a little Cesna, VW in the sky. My father is a private pilot and used to shuttle us around in a Piper. Up to Rochester to pick apples, or just around Montgomery County for a few hours of fun.

A few times he let me take the controls. It wasn’t hard. Just turn left to go left, right to go right, pull back to go up, let go to fly straight. I wasn’t really flying, just being flown.

So someday, I think it would be fun, to climb back in, put on the headphones, and ferry myself around the countryside for an afternoon.

The up top

Day 14,930

Tonight my love surprised me and took me to the thirtieth floor of some building in midtown where we had drinks and food and 90’s hip hop and I told her about how important 90’s hip hop is to me, especially Phife Dawg, and we talked about our favorite shows and our childhood memories and our upcoming wedding and our eventual children, and their children,

and we kept looking out onto the city, our city, marveling at its tallness from our perch, … and we thought about how wonderful it all is.

And we drank up our drinks and ate down our food, and laughed and cried, and got on the subway home.

We, those people

Day 14,929

Today I’m going to be direct. Our new administration’s efforts to keep people from being able to come to America are horrendous.

Beyond the #MuslimBan, there has also been a change to the H-1B visa program which means thousands of wonderful, intelligent, and innovative people won’t be allowed in, and won’t be able to contribute their talents to a society that clearly needs them.

Our country, at least the one I was brought up in, was formed by immigrants, built on the hard work of refugees and established by people from all corners of the globe.

It’s a sad time we are living in, and I hope we continue to voice our deepest opinions about the way things are shaping up.


The big idea

Day 14,928

Everyone’s got a big idea. Sometimes two. Everyone’s figured it out, posted the answer on Facebook, talked it up with friends, scribbled on a protest sign.

Everyone’s found peace, found calm, sought the wind. It’s what we’re made of, it’s how we do. Everyone eats, prays and loves.

So, I’ve got to believe, that even the worst are good at heart, down deep, made of good stuff. I have to believe this to be true. I have to believe.

Underneath it all, we’re just trying to kill the squeaker.

Missed a couple

Day 14,927

It’s true, I missed posting this last weekend. I guess I felt like burying my head in the sand instead of coming up with contemplative, and interesting words.

I want to be outdoorsy, but I’d rather lay on the couch. I want to exercise, but I’m fine watching re-runs of Fixer Upper or Bar Rescue. I want to trek all over the city, head to the country, climb a mountain and swim in a warm ocean, but the Q train is having massive delays. I want to take more pictures, new pictures, but it’s so cold outside.

Here’s to resolutions.

It's late

Day 14,924

It’s late. Not too late, but I’m tired and I don’t want to write this. Too many thoughts, too many goddamn thoughts.

With practically every second, another news alert pops up. Something terrible, appalling, disgusting, or sad-it’s never good news. And I just think about it all. I just sit there and think about it. My focus tightens, my view narrows, and all I see is a tiny white spot off in the distance, before I pass out.

Today he started the process of kicking everyone out, closing us off from the rest of the world. I should move this site to Sweden where it might stand a chance.